those photos were taken during 2001 to 2003, i just discovered them at my parents' house. in 2001, i moved to the US. the first collage that i went to before transferring to art school in chicago was in a middle of nowhere. there were nothing but corn fields, but i made friends there who were into the same things as i loved(punk and hardcore and other stupid things), that was actually the first time that i found somebody i can share my interests with. my friends and i went to many places together driving since we had nothing to do in such a country side, we did stupid things together that i guess only youth could do, we weren't really focused on anything and (at least I) didn't think about getting any fame or money or anything. but as time passing, we started walking towards different directions...
i took those random photos without thinking anything, i liked everything around me at that time (and never thought about becoming a wanna-be photographer), everything felt fresh and i just absorbed it until my empty cup gets filled up, that means, until i realized that i had to grow up.


by Mari Kojima